In 2013 Dale Clarke and Mark Patterson launched the Bringing Doctrine to Life initiative, to develop a new style of blended learning training product for the British Army in the post-Afghanistan era. They were joined by another film veteran, Scarlett Hayler-King, who supervised the complex and ambitious location shoots as Production Manager. 


Drawing on film, television and training skills and experience, the team based at the Army's Land Warfare Centre, in Warminster, Wiltshire, transformed the way the British Army trained. 


The team went on to produce all the latest British Army training films, and all the training films used by UK forces supporting the police in the event of a terrorist incident (Operation TEMPERER) - training materials used by the three armed services and the UK police.

STF Blended learning is a further improved version of the world-beating BDTL formula, which uses narrative voiceover, 'head-up displays', live action, CGI and 'TacAn' tactical animation to provide clear, engaging and credible training products to suit the contemporary training audience.