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STF Production is a sister company to Services to Film, a veteran-owned not-for-profit company started in 2012 that encourages armed forces veterans and service family members to follow careers in the film and television industries.

STF Production was formed by the team responsible for the British Army's world-beating Bringing Doctrine to Life (BDTL) training films which use feature film and video game production styles to make very high quality training films and blended learning products, suitable for the modern training audience.  BDTL products are used throughout the British Army, and some are used by the other services and UK police.

The STF Production team has continued to refine the original BDTL concept, and now provide blended learning and tactical animation training products for clients including the UK Ministry of Defence.  STF Production is also committed to historical and drama film and television, creating the widest possible variety of training and work experience for armed forces veterans interested in careers in film and television.



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Writer, historian and filmmaker, Dale Clarke worked extensively as a film and television armourer and military historical advisor in the 1990s .

Executive Producer


He went on to complete a PhD in military history with noted author and broadcaster Professor Richard Holmes. A lifelong British Army reservist, Dale deployed operationally, once to Iraq and three times to Afghanistan in Public Affairs/Media Operations roles.


In 2013 he instituted the British Army's 'Bringing Doctrine to Life' initiative, which used feature film and video game production styles to make army doctrine more accessible to the modern training audience. He was appointed MBE (Military Division) in January 2017, and joined Services to Film in October 2018. 

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Scarlett graduated from Southampton Solent University with a First Class Honours Degree in Film, then went on to complete a Masters degree in Costume at the Arts Institute, Bournemouth. 

Head of Production


She has worked on independent and large scale feature films including Les Miserables, Rush and Total Recall as well as running her own theater company. Her love for history, theatre and costume gives her a fresh and original approach to film. 

In 2014 Scarlett joined the British Army's 'Bringing Doctrine to Life' team as a Video Editor, rapidly progressing to Production Manager where she organised large-scale and complex location film shoots and overseeing production. Seeking more opportunities for creativity and more ambitious productions, Scarlett joined Services to Film in September 2018. 

Mark has a strong background in teaching and the technical aspects of film production.  He has freelanced as an animator and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) artist, and worked on multiple TV adverts, short films, TV series and educational media

Creative Director


Prior to developing the look and feel of the British Army's Bringing Doctrine to Life blended learning films he spent eight years teaching media, specialising in filmmaking and video games development.

Mark lectured on extended diploma courses at Wiltshire College and the BA Honours degree course at Bath Spa University, covering the most technical units, such as motion graphics and compositing, 3D modelling and animation.  He gave technical support for all of the third year final major projects on the BA hons course.  He has a wide range of practical experience and an understanding of training and education from the practitioner's perspective.  Over six years of filming the British Army's BDTL products he has directed complex multicamera location shoots, interviewed VIPs, taken a documentary team to film in the Ugandan bush, and developed animations and graphics used for training British armed forces and police personnel. 

The STF Production team bring individual backgrounds in film, television and training, and particular strengths in working with military and historical topics.  Members of the team have worked on features ranging from Seven Years in Tibet and Captain Corelli's Mandolin, to Les Misérables and Rush. 



STF Film Production offers a wide and varied amount of services depending on your needs, and will gladly discuss and help you decide on what is best for you and the project that you require.

STF team members have extensive and wide-ranging experience in feature film and TV drama. STF help to produce historical (and other) dramas for the large and small screen.

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The Team has extensive experience with historical and technical documentaries, working alongside the likes of TV Historian Dan Snow and Military Historian Andy Robertshaw.

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STF Blended Learning uses voice over, live action, CGI and 'TacAn' tactical animation to provide clear, engaging products to suit contemporary training audiences.

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